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For over 30 years Sodim has supported its customers with a visionary and multi-cultural product approach, where creation is paramount. Differentiation, trend and functionality are key words in our development of new products. The creativity of our designers at the service of the experience and vision of the founders are the basis of the success of our company. This approach allows us to offer a diverse range of products that are tailored to different international markets.


Oriented towards a contemporary style, our designs meet high quality standards. Wood, metal and glass are all materials we use with our partners located both in Asia and in Europe. Particular attention is paid to R & D in order to offer the most innovative technical and technological solutions. A "less is more" aesthetic concept of value puts design within everyone's reach and allows us total control of production costs


It is essential to adapt to new consumption patterns. Dedicated and multilingual commercial and technical teams are at your service whatever your distribution platform. Efficient logistics complements these commercial services. With the location of our warehouse in the heart of Europe and our resources in IT, we possess powerful tools that allow us to adapt to situations facing each of our partners.

Dedicated service

Sodim affords particular importance to customer satisfaction. This is of course accomplished by maintaining a high level of expectation for all of the company's services.


Our 2 designers from the most prestigious schools in Europe, a recognized trend specialist and product experts enable us to offer you unique furniture and accessories that meet your demands.

  Commercial Service

Dedicated teams with proven flexibility, experience and professionalism are at your disposal and in several languages such as French, English, German, Dutch, Chinese, Spanish and Italian


We focus on safety, quality and compliance with technical and environmental standards for all the products that we manufacture.


Efficient logistics is an essential aspect for a company like Sodim. We are able to meet all customer requirements (warehouse, store or final consumer delivery).

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