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Our teams

Creation is at the heart of our business. Our designers from the best European schools work closely with a trend specialist who helps to interpret style developments and consumption patterns.

We also work on limited and thematic collections by offering to diversify and enliven our customers' collections.

Colors, materials and new functions serve as avenues of research that allow us to offer you distinctive projects that are in line with the times


Our marketing department is involved not only in better accessibility of our products but also greater visibility.

More accessible thanks to sales pitches which provide the desire to discover our products and also thanks to the technical descriptions and installation instructions which lead to a better understanding by the consumer.

More visible thanks to the development of marketing tools such as POS info and display material summarizing an entire collection.


Production success also relies on our choice of partners.

Sodim, present on the furniture market for over thirty years, has surrounded itself with reliable partners.

Present in Asia, Europe and Eastern Europe, their expertise allows us to respond to a wide array of issues.

These solid & strategic partnerships help ensure quality production which meets the standards in force.